A head tumor is accompanied by a headache. This is the most common symptom. It indicates the initial manifestation of the disease. Pain can be either general or focal. The second case manifests itself when a tumor is exposed to a specific part of the brain. At the first stage, the pain is periodic. With the development of the disease, it turns into a constant, bursting character, in which even potent painkillers do not help. It is mainly manifested in the morning due to the fact that in a horizontal position the outflow of fluid from the skull is even more difficult, but may not subside throughout the day. There is constant pressure on the eyes. May increase with bending or coughing. Partial numbness of the face and general weakness in the whole body are possible.

What is a brain tumor every person should know in order to protect themselves or in time to seek qualified help. Tumors in the head arise from brain tissue, it is they that cause the appearance of benign or malignant formations, the treatment of which must be started immediately. All causes are divided into several categories by groups. The cause may be any factor or injury.

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