Breast cancer is a malignant neoplasm of the breast. Local manifestations: a change in the shape of the mammary gland, retraction of the nipple, wrinkling of the skin, discharge from the nipple (often bloody), palpation of seals, nodules, an increase in supraclavicular or axillary lymph nodes. The most effective surgical treatment in combination with radiation or chemotherapy in the early stages. In the later stages, tumor metastasis to various organs is noted. The prognosis of treatment largely depends on the prevalence of the process and the histological structure of the tumor.

According to WHO statistics, more than a million new cases of the development of malignant breast tumors are diagnosed annually worldwide. In Russia, this figure reaches 50 thousand. Every eighth American gets breast cancer. Mortality from this pathology is about 50% of all cases. A decrease in this indicator is hampered by the lack of organized prophylactic screening of the population in many countries for early detection of malignant neoplasms of the mammary glands.

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