Cervical cancer in its prevalence is one of the leading places in oncology, both in general and in gynecological oncology. According to statistics, among all oncological diseases, malignant neoplasms of this type occupy 5th place. Such a high incidence is alarming. And therefore, educational work among women should be given no less attention than prevention. Detailed information about the disease itself, its phased development, signs, symptoms, risk factors and prospects for recovery will help in its timely identification. Consequently, the treatment will be more successful (whether it can be cured and at what stage will be considered in detail).

It is important that patients understand how symptoms and signs in the early and late stages are related to the percentage of cure. Forecasts for early detection are rather favorable. This means that information that will help women avoid the disease or respond to alarming symptoms in time and consult a doctor in a timely manner should be accessible and reliable.

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