It is usually not possible to find the real cause of the disease due to the division of medical practice into several specializations. That is, the following situation arises: if a person suffers from migraines, he is referred to a neurologist, for pains in the joints - to a rheumatologist, with an infection of the urinary system - to a nephrologist, with a skin rash - to a dermatologist. We are accustomed to such treatment tactics, and highly specialized doctors cannot evaluate the full picture of the disease, and the recommendations of one specialist may contradict the recommendations of another. Perhaps this phrase will sound strange, but the cause of any chronic diseases must be sought in the digestive tract.

If you are overweight and other health problems, you should definitely read this article. Such advice will not be given to you in the hospital, since most doctors treat only the symptoms of the disease, and not look for the true cause of its development.

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