Deciding to lose weight, women are reviewing their diet. There are two options: balance the diet and exercise, and bring the weight back to normal in the regime of minus 0.5-2 kg per week, or lose weight quickly on one of the extreme, but effective diets. Which option do you like more? Many girls choose quick methods of losing weight, because you really want to see the results in a few days! However, fast effective diets have a flip side: the result is short-term. Lost by starvation, the kilograms return as quickly as they left. In addition, extreme methods of losing weight are practically one-time. They help reduce weight one, two. But over time, they stop working. This is due to the fact that periods of acute calorie deficiency are stress for the body, and gradually it “learns” to resist it. Therefore, more and more girls prefer not extreme methods of weight loss, but a healthy balanced diet, which guarantees a long-term result.

But sometimes you still need to lose weight quickly: before sporting events, special dates or events. In the list of requirements for some professions, weight standards are indicated, and if you get out of the standard, only a fast and effective diet can solve the problem. We have collected the most popular diet modes that help get rid of 5-10 excess kilograms. But use reasonable caution! A drastic diet restriction can have side effects.

Duration (minutes)