If nature rewarded you with this gentle organ, then it is likely that at least once in your life you have experienced problems in connection with it. Itching, burning, unpleasant discharge, “strange smell” accompany various diseases of this system. All this is extremely unpleasant, but there is good news: it is almost always very easy to treat.

Symptoms: thrush is accompanied by thick, whitish discharge with lumps. Usually odorless. You may also notice a creamy whitish coating inside and outside the vagina. Other symptoms include fairly severe itching, burning and redness inside and out. With the development of the disease, the symptoms worsen. In some cases, the disease can reach cracks and ulcers on the skin. Any penetration into the vagina will obviously not bring pleasant sensations, and due to irritation of the external genital organs, burning may occur during urination. Thrush can also develop on the penis and scrotum, but this is rare.

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